This is a fan made, labor of love, devoted to the archived encyclopedic knowledge of one of the greatest series of films ever released on VHS.

My intent is to share information with the fans of "The Sleaziest Movies in the History of the World", Joe Bob Briggs, the films showcased within this series and their creators alike.

While the films of this series continue to be made available, this series, with it’s Joe Bob introductions, is now long out of print.

With the growing popularity of such websites as YouTube, people who own copies of these videos have begun posting Joe Bob excerpts, turning on others to what has always been a little known series. While this is a good start, I feel that there should be a definitive location for all things “Sleazy”.

It is my mission to collect this information from various interviews, internet sources and of course, the actual series itself. While I understand that my library of information is not yet complete, I ask you to be patient and when you can, help out. Whether it be a monetarily donation, a VHS, or just sharing information about the series, it is always much appreciated.

“In 1956 there were 12,000 drive-ins in America, 95% of those are dead. And yet there are native Indians, the Crank Away Indians of Texas, who believe there is a spirit that lives on in these decade temples where Americans once worshiped. They call it Whiskabonnaha, or the spirit of blood, breasts and beasts, or, the three B’s. What you are about to witness, is a summoning of that spirit. A return to a part of the American heritage that has all but vanished. It’s a heritage of drive-in movies, controversial movies, ground breaking movies, the weird, the offbeat, the strange and most of all the sleazy. You are about to witness one of the sleaziest movies in the history of the world.” – JOE BOB BRIGGS

Strand VCI, the company behind "The Sleaziest Movies in the History of the World", later re-released the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis with the Joe Bob Briggs intros and outros under the title "Herschell Gordon Lewis Collectors Edition". Some of the videos I’ve collected in my travels belong to this set rather than “The Sleaziest”.

In 2020, some of these more scarce Sleazy Joe Bob segments have resurfaced in the form of a Patreon reward. Joe Bob Briggs is working hard with Darcy the Mail Girl, from Shudder's "The Last Drive-In" series, to restore these segments which include both "Drive-In Theater" and "MonsterVision" in what's called "The Lost Drive-In" - "Creating Drive-In History...Restoring the Lost Footage of Joe Bob Briggs". To help fund this important historical work and to get your hands on some sweet Joe Bob merch check out The Lost Drive-In Patreon.

Below is a comprehensive list of films that comprise the “sleaziest” movies of the world. The movies marked with a "" are ones that are already part of the "Slaughter Film Library". The rest are being sought after at this very moment.

Retailer Promo Trailer 4000
Two Thousand Maniacs 4007
Adventures Of Lucky Pierre, The 4016
Bad Girls Go To Hell 4008
Blood Feast - 4001
Daughter Of The Sun
Deadly Weapons 4006
Diary Of A Nudist
Double Agent 73 4012
Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls
Gruesome Twosome, The 4010
Immoral Three, The
Just For The Hell Of It 4017
Let Me Die A Woman 4004
Living Venus 4015
Nude On The Moon 4003
Sex And The College Girl 4011
Sex Perils Of Paulette, The
She-Devils On Wheels 4005
Something Weird 4014
Suburban Roulette 4002
Too Much, Too Often
Wizard Of Gore, The 4009

"Preorder Joe Bob Briggs Presents"
- May 10, 1990 | Video Software Magazine

"A Treasury of Films in Bad Taste"
- May 17, 1990 | The Inquirer

"No Sleaze, Please"
- Sept 22, 1990 | The Spokesman Review

Joe Bob Briggs in New York
- Jan 14, 2014 | New York Cinema Radio

Joe Bob Briggs at Scare-A-Con
- Sept 22, 2015 | The Earth's Mightiest Bastards

NOTE: The list above was completed with the help of Jacob Fleming. Also, until recently, this list was linked to YouTube where the Joe Bob segments could be viewed, however these links are now dead. Maybe we should just get off out butts and rip our very own VHS copies of these amazing sleazy introductions for all to behold.