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JOE BOB's SLEAZIEST: Press Review - No Sleaze, Please

"NO SLEAZE, PLEASE" September 22, 1990 | By Dan Webster, Staff Writer for The Spokesman Review | Original Source Joe Bob Briggs says ‘check it out,’ but maybe you’d be better off to chuck it out Truth in advertising is a curious concept. The purpose of advertising is to present a product in its best light, presumably so that people will buy or rent it. That means overlooking any shortcomings the product might have. Which means being less than honest. Which, essentially, is lying. Truth in advertising, then, is a contradiction of terms. Until now, that is. For there is one series of video releases that lives up to its name in every possible sense. It’s called “The Sleaziest Movies in the History of the World.” Presented by that arbiter of offbeat aesthetics, drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs, three of the “Sleaziest Movies” will be available Thursday. And, yes, they may feature violence, nudity and trashy plots -- but that’s the good news. Two of the f

JOE BOB'S SLEAZIEST: Press Article - A Treasury of Films in Bad Taste

"A TREASURY OF FILMS IN BAD TASTE, FROM DRIVE-IN KING JOE BOB BRIGGS" May 17, 1990 | By Andy Wickstrom, Special to The Inquirer | Original Source "Two thumbs up." "A perfect 10." "Five stars." One glance at these superlatives and you know you're going to see a movie that's someone's idea of good entertainment. But there's one critic who has no patience with conventional ideas of good entertainment: Joe Bob Briggs, the syndicated humorist who has achieved notoriety as the connoisseur of drive-in movies. Now he's lending his name to a video-collection series known forthrightly as "The Sleaziest Movies in the History of the World." Briggs seems the perfect man for the job. His critical prose reflects the good-old-boy twang of his native Texas as he savors the latest kung-fu epic or slasher saga, taking special care to point out the number of bared female breasts. He has dwelled so lovingly on this subjec

JOE BOB'S SLEAZIEST: Retail Pre-Order Advertizement

The advertisement below I found on eBay a while back. It came form the May 1990 issue of "Video Software Magazine", which from what I can tell, was a periodical that was somehow tied-into a video distributor. It promoted the video releases of the upcoming month. Each film was accompanied by a brief description, the date it would be made available and an ordering number. I couldn't find any info online about "Video Software Magazine" other than it was published by "Chilton Publications" and marketed toward film nerds and retailers. I payed twenty bucks for this damn thing which is nothing more than a single page carefully removed from the magazine, so I hope you enjoy it! Also recently purchased from the bowels of eBay is an entire issue of "Video Software Magazine" from October 1995. I'm excited to see whether or not it's full of goodies or a waste of dough. "Preorder "Joe Bob Briggs Presents" May 10, 1990